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Throughout the centuries, pearls have enchanted people and captivated their admiration like no other gemstone. In Ancient Greece, pearls were dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus emerged from the water through a seashell and this is why she may be compared to a precious pearl. In fact, pearls are a gift of nature relating to purity, natural perfection and absolute beauty!!

Pearls, one of the key ingredients of L’ADIOPIS luxury natural cosmetics, have a wide range of healing properties. The element providing pearls with these properties is a bioactive mixture of proteins, which offers strength, rejuvenation and nourishment for both skin and hair. It also contains natural moisturizing ingredients, vitamin B and polysaccharides.


Another unique ingredient of L’ADIOPIS luxury natural cosmetics. The myrtle was a symbol of beauty and youth in Ancient Greece relating to the worship of Venus. The myrtle tree was dedicated to Venus of Paphos, because when the goddess emerged from the water, she covered her exposed beauty behind a myrtle shrub.

Myrtle essential oil is extracted from its flowers, and thanks to its ingredients, it is used in perfumery, pharmaceutics and cosmetics. In modern cosmetology, myrtle is a dominant cosmetic agent used for wrinkle reduction and aging prevention. It also keeps the skin healthy, glowing, moisturized and revived, with remarkable results!

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